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Sample questions of Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia (LJM)

Here are some examples of Nursing Board Exam's question. Its suitable for those who are going to sit for this exam soon. Lets explore. .& try to answer these questions. 

1. Channel is one of the elements in the process of communication. It refer to 
      A  an individual who receives the message
      B  ideas, messages of feelings that are being passed to the receiver
      C  the medium used to pass the message to the targeted audience
      D  an individual or a group of individuals who wish to pass the message to others

2. Puan Kartika has just delivered a healthy newborn. Your main health education will be to
      A  supervise her on the breastfeeding techniques
      B  advise her to get assistance from a trained midwife
      C  encourage her to follow the confinement practices of her mother
      D  contact the community nurse to assess the baby when discharged

3. While you are on duty in the male ward, client B fell down from the bed but did not sustain any injuries. What is the important step that you should do after the incident?
      A  not necessary to record
      B  inform the family as soon as possible
      C  report to the supervisor as soon as possible
      D  request the doctor to give treatment to the client

4. In the effort to ensure continuous improvement, an organization needs to have a quality assurance programme. The purpose of this programme is to
      A  penalize institutions that have many problems
      B  coordinate the services at all health institutions
      C  monitor the managers who need to take remedial action
      D  encourage managers to maintain quality by following specific indicators

5. Which of the following is true concerning the research process?
      A  the steps of the research process always proceed in the same way in each study
      B  there may be some shifting back and forth between the steps of the research process
      C  the most important step in the research process is to identify the study hypothesis
      D  the steps in the research process are never carried out in an orderly fashion

6. Mr Ng had chickenpox during his childhood and was not infected by his friend who had the disease during his university years. Mr Ng had developed immunity as a result of an actual infection which is called
      A  natural active acquired immunity
      B  artificial active acquired immunity
      C  natural passive acquired immunity
      D  artificial passive acquired immunity

7. The nurses assesses Puan Letchumy after administering antidiabetics and finds that she complains of dizziness and is sweaty as well as cold and clammy. She may be experiencing
      A  hypokalaemia
      B  hyperkalaemia
      C  hypoglycaemia
      D  hyperglycaemia

8. The advice the nurse should give to Encik Sham in order to maintain the synthetic graft patency made for the aneurysm on his abdominal aorta is to
      A  control his heart disease
      B  have sufficient exercise and rest
      C  continue with his weightlifting exercise
      D  maintain blood pressure within the normal range

9. Mr Wong has been ordered to take 5ml of the liquid cough syrup. If the cough syrup contains 15mg of codeine in 5ml of liquid, what is the amount of codeine that Mr Wong is ordered to take?
      A  0.5mg
      B  1.5mg
      C  5.0mg
      D  15mg

10. Mrs Choo who is suffering from gastric cancer is receiving radiotherapy. The health education that is suitable for her concerns is 
      A  practising a healthy lifestyle
      B  the problem of hair loss and stomatitis
      C  skin and wound care, diet and sources of information
      D  emotional support and involvement of the family in treatment

11. Which of the following lab values is consistent with haemolytic anaemia?
      A  increased RBCs, decreased bilirubin, decreased haemoglobin and haematocrit & increased                   reticulocytes
      B  decrease RBCs, increased bilirubin, decreased haemoglobin and haematocrit & increased reticulocytes
      C  decreased RBCs, decreased bilirubin, increased haemoglobin and haematocrit & decreased reticulocytes
      D  increased RBCs, increase bilirubin, increased haemoglobin and haematocrit & decreased reticulocytes

12. Following a post-hysterectomy, a woman is placed on oestrogen replacement therapy. The primary purpose of oestrogen replacement therapy following surgical menopause is to prevent
      A  arthritis
      B  pregnancy
      C  breast cancer
      D  vasomotor instability

13. The nurse has assessed four children of varying ages. Which one requires further evaluation?
      A  a 7-month-old who is afraid of strangers
      B  a 4-year-old who talks to an imaginary playmate
      C  a 9-year-old with enuresis
      D a 16-year-old who has nocturnal emissions

14. A patient has undergone an arthroscopy. Two hours after the procedure, the patient's pedal pulses have diminished from the previous assessment. What should the nurse do?
      A  take his vital sign
      B  notify the physician
      C  perform a neurovascular assessment
      D change the dressing and rewrap the alastic wrap

15. An elderly client with cystitis also has an indwelling urinary catheter. The nurse should ensure that the nursing assistant does not
      A  use soap and water to clean the perineal area
      B  place the drainage bag below the level of the bladder
      C  use the drainage tubing port to obtain a urine sample
      D  let the drainage tube rest under the leg

1. C
2. A 
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. D
9. D
10. C
11. B
12. D
13. C
14. C 
15. D

. . .12 JUNE 2013--> ALL THE BEST FOR US!